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August 13 2016

1-3 pm

Navigating Goodreads for Authors and Readers

Fire Station 14, 1875 Dublin Blvd,

(Dublin & Academy)

The social media site GoodReads brings readers together with other readers and more importantly, with books of all kinds, both fiction and nonfiction. By extension, GoodReads incorporates writers and their own networking needs. Whether you are self-published, traditionally published, yet to be published, or write just for yourself, GoodReads offers many benefits. GoodReads librarian, Jazz Feylynn, will show you how to navigate GoodReads. What it has to offer that you can include in your platform is free advertizing for your books and will get your name on the web even before you published. Learn about GoodReads bookshelves, Recommendations, Groups, Lists/Listopia, Quotes, Blog, Question & Answers, Quizzes, Trivia, Followers, Favorite Authors, and Links. How to add formatting and photos, even your cover art. All can be part of your author's platform through GoodReads.

Consider that today's (and future) authors are recommend to prepare their own author's platform before they become published. Agents and publishers now expect authors to promote their image and work to the public. They like to evaluate author's web sites, blogs and social media in their decision whether to offer a contact with their company.

Bring your laptop or tablet that is Wi-Fi capable. You can set up a new account if you are not presently a Goodreads member. As the workshop progresses you can add bookmarks and any details that you will want on your future author's page when you are publish. If you already have an author's page on GoodReads, then you can fine-tune your account to better facilitate using GoodReads many vary benefits for readers, and authors.



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Saturday Meeting at Fire Station #14

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  • EDKU by Ricardo de la Garza



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Monday Meeting at Fire Station #8

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  • PEARLYNIA ENSLAVED by Jade Goodnough



Tuesday Meeting at Fire Station #8

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  • PEARLYNIA ENSLAVED by Jade Goodnough



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